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Featuring over 380 characters from the Game Boy Advance Pokémon video game series, Pokémon Link challenges players to line up four of their favourite Pokémon icons in a row as they drop onto the game screen.

Using the Nintendo DS's stylus and touch screen, players must move the icons horizontally or vertically to join up four of the same type. Once a line is formed 'Link Chance' occurs and the icons are cleared from the screen and collected in the players 'Link List'. By strategically moving Pokémon into certain formations, players can obtain higher scores with a 'chain reaction' where icons falling into cleared spaces create further 'Links'. To help form chains, for a short time after a successful link, a link of three Pokémon instead of four will clear, followed by a link of two.

Further to the sliding puzzle mode, an all-new adventure mode brings this exciting and unique new Pokémon world to life. Fans must guide secret agent Lucy Fleetfoot through this world on a mission to rescue stolen Pokémon from the evil organisation, "Phobos". In this epic adventure she will encounter Pokémon of all shapes and sizes from every previously released game.

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May be a bit of a marmite game this one. I'm inclined to be on the side that likes it but would not class it as an essential purchase at all. Just makes an 8 for me.



LiekMudkipz said:

Sounds REALLY boring. Is it like a never ending game where pokemon faces fall and you arrange them? It'd be fun for like five minutes but after that....



JohnWalrus said:

Another Poke'mon puzzle game? Maybe GameFreak should stop wasting their resources on spin-offs and focus on the main games... that'd make 'em better.



Kyloctopus said:

Wait... I remember the commercial like 3 years ago(Which was very Catchy) for this before, and once I saw this at best buy.
It's like pokemon trozei 4 in a row and your good to go

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