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The only FINAL FANTASY® that was never localized—the third installment of the original series—will finally reach North American shores!

Lauded as “legendary” by the Japanese fan base, FINAL FANTASY III has been reborn, incorporating the latest in portable gaming technology. Using the features of the Nintendo DS to their fullest, FINAL FANTASY III features graphics that have been reworked and remodeled in 3D, while maintaining the mythical FINAL FANTASY look and feel.

Now is your chance to complete the circle. The legend of FINAL FANTASY III is reborn.

"The Gulgan thus prophesied:
This earthquake is only the beginning.
The great tremors that swallowed the crystals, the light of our world, only to spawn monsters from the depths of the scarred land, are nothing but harbingers of what is yet to come.
Something is coming...fathomless, ominous, and full of sorrow...
But hope is not yet lost.
Four souls will be blessed with the light, and so it shall begin..."
A chance encounter with a sentient crystal changes Luneth’s life forever.
Luneth must leave the peaceful village of Ur behind, and seek three others who share his destiny. Together,
the four young adventurers set out on a dangerous journey to banish the darkness that threatens their world.

The missing link in the evolution of FINAL FANTASY is unveiled—North American gamers experience a legend reborn
A dynamic job-changing system brings a nearly infinite number of party variations The touch screen interface takes full advantage of the DS capabilities—explore dungeons, dispatch foes and cast spells by using the stylus A complete visual overhaul breathes new life into a classic—colorful 3D graphics bring FINAL FANTASY III
into the new millennium

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The 'lost' Final Fantasy is at last made available to the English-speaking world. Is it a glorious reinvention of a genre classic, or merely a pointless step back in time?

Given the stature of the Final Fantasy series, it’s somewhat surprising to think that only very recently has the entire franchise been made available to a worldwide audience. Up until Final Fantasy VII, Western gamers had been largely ignorant of...

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CanisWolfred said:

I wonder if it's worth getting this when I've already played and enjoyed the NES version?



WiggleMan said:

Used to have this game, twice, I've lost it once, and my little brother overwrote my file with my second, so I got rid of it! I was REALLY mad at him!



Hairmanban19 said:

great game i've always been a fan of final fantasy games but the original ones are the best



AyeHaley said:

Can't seen to find it on DS anymore...Should I buy it on my iPad for 15 euros or wait till we get it on Wii U VC? Though I'm sure DS games will cost at least 15...

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