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Tetris® Game Reaches New Heights on Nintendo 3DS™

Loved globally by people of all ages and all cultures, the Tetris® game continues to be one of the most widely recognized video games of all time. And now, Tetris fans can experience the game like never before on the Nintendo 3DS.

Featuring over 20 fun‐filled game modes, Tetris for Nintendo 3DS delivers a rich mix of both traditional and never before seen ways to enjoy playing Tetris. Jump into the game with the familiar Marathon mode, or test your skills in the all‐new fast‐paced Fever mode. Witness remarkable graphics and special effects using the stereoscopic 3D display on the Nintendo 3DS. Clearing lines has never been so fun!


  • Over 20 Tetris game modes!
  • Featured Game Modes: Marathon, Computer Battle, Fever, and Survival
  • Party Game Modes: Stage Racer Plus, Shadow Wide, Jigsaw, Tower Climber, Capture, Fit, Bombliss™, Sprint, and Master Mode
  • Augmented Reality Game Modes: AR Marathon and AR Tower Climber
  • Local Multiplayer Game Modes (2P–8P): VS Battle, VS Stage Racer, VS Shadow Wide, VS Capture, andCo‐op Tower Climber
  • Download Play Game Modes (2P–8P): Marathon with Everyone, Fever with Everyone, and VS Battle
  • Nintendo® Wi‐Fi Connection Game Modes (2P–6P): 3 variants of World Battle
  • Discover new exciting Items for Fever using SpotPass™

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Egads! Tetrominos!

Tetris and handhelds go together like apples and cinnamon, and no more clear has this symbiotic relationship been than on Nintendo hardware, from the time Tetris first dropped like a well-placed I-block into Game Boys everywhere. Tetris DX followed with a...

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grumblegrumble said:

Now THIS is one game I plan on getting! (along with Super Mario 3-D World) can't wait for this one ;)



K964 said:

Important News: I checked the official website and it's going to cost $30!



Kiyata_Hamasaki said:

Can you turn off background animations on this or just choose a still background? All that crap flying around the screen makes me feel like I'm going to hurl when I watch videos for this!

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