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When a mysterious snowstorm falls on London, so cold that even the Thames is starting to freeze, Sherlock Holmes, the most astute detective of all time, is called in to investigate.

Explore amazing environments, meet and interrogate many colorful characters, and examine objects and clues in order to discover the evidence that will help solve this incredible case.

Many original puzzles and brain-teasers will put your skills to the test during your investigation, while you unveil the truth behind the Mystery of the Frozen City!

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Sherlock Holmes Investigates 3DS in Early 2012

Not a deerstalker in sight

Focus Interactive has quite a few Sherlock Holmes games under its belt now, but it'll need to loosen that belt a little more for 2012 as the company has just announced Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Frozen City for release early next year. The story goes that London is trapped in an abnormally cold storm, even freezing the mighty Thames, and so naturally the..

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