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Come to Heartlake City for summer fun all year long!

Welcome to Heartlake City, where summer fun happens all year long! Get ready to express your unique style, explore exciting activities and share adventures with your 5 newest friends. Then, once you’ve reached “true friend” status, build a Heartlake City Celebration for them all! Be sure to train and groom the pets to discover their special skills you can use. Or, trade places with them and play the game from the pets’ point of view! Don’t forget to capture the fun with the in-game camera, and create a scrapbook of friendship memories! Playable in both 2D- and 3D-mode.

  • Exclusive LEGO® Friends Nintendo 3DS™ games, featuring 5 LEGO Friends and their pets
  • Help Emma take pictures for her next newspaper article!
  • Choose songs for Andrea’s next performance!
  • Play from the Heartlake City pets’ point of view!
  • Create a scrapbook of friendship memories!
  • Use the in-game camera for fun photo ops!
  • Playable in 2D and 3D

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Posted by Lee Meyer

No friend of mine

Warner Bros. Interactive and Hellbent Games' LEGO Friends is a bad game. There's no nicer way of putting it. A squandered opportunity to make another gaming hit out of a popular LEGO property, LEGO Friends feels like a cynical cash-in designed to provide...

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GameGoddess32 said:

I kinda like this game...it sort of grows on you.The main game is really short,but you can keep playing to get more cash to buy all the outfits and stuff..I have 85% on it now..it's a very simple game,but IMO it's not shallow like some of the other "girl games"..(cough cough Bratz)..I wish it had a little more depth,but I'm enjoying it..it;s kinda relaxing for me like Animal Crossing is
BTW,does anybody know how to get codes for this game?At the start screen there is a section to input codes like in the other LEGO games,but I don't know where to find the codes to input...

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