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What if your new 3DS game was more than a game?

The Hidden, an augmented reality adventure, turns your handheld into a portal to the astral plane as you investigate your real-world environments to search, capture and destroy supernatural entities as a paranormal investigator. As a member of the elite squad known as G.E.I.S.T., Ghostly Entity Investigation and Strike Team, you will work with your team to track, shoot and vanquish evil spirits and neutralize mysterious outbreaks that pose threats to all mankind. Keep your eyes peeled and your nerves tough as you hunt beings not of this world in The Hidden.

  • Experience the augmented reality adventure using your 3DS camera to scan, detect, and hunt ghosts in your environment during the day or night.
  • Battle powerful bosses using your full arsenal of acquired tech. Each one demands unique strategies, and some become long-running nemeses.
  • Discover and capture 6 different types of paranormal entities in this location-based adventure by keeping your 3DS with you wherever you go in the real world. It's important to revisit areas that you have cleaned up because they can become re-infested.
  • Face off against hostile spirits using high tech tools and weapons, such as the Plasmatic Disruptor and the Spectral Shield.
  • Investigate the mysterious influx of ghostly entities across 12 unique missions with varying sub-missions.
  • Gain experience, security clearance, and plasma energy to increase your rank to become the ultimate G.E.I.S.T. agent.
  • Take photos of entities with your 3DS camera and keep a log of your discoveries while using your map to keep track of where you've been.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Hide and don't seek

Hey, kids — remember the movie Ghostbusters? Remember how exciting and fun it looked? Well, be prepared to have that illusion siphoned out of you by The Hidden, which takes the concept of ghost busting and marries it to the embarrassment of walking in...

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Derp said:

This sounds pretty amazing

I wonder if it'll use the streetpass feature since it's already encouraging going places and bringing your 3DS with you



Katernity said:

I thought this game sounded really interesting. got it for my birthday. if you don't live in a giant house, don't bother. you have to walk really far to find ghosts. I live in an apartment, and the game is not possible to play in an apartment. it keeps telling me to walk further. so, the only way i could possibly play the game is to wander around the street with the 3ds in front of my face.

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