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Use dual styluses for real sports moments that deliver an addicting challenge for any athlete!

The first ever dual touch action sports game, DualPenSports provides a fresh gameplay experience that allows consumers to feel more like they’re playing real sports with the use of up to two styluses. Fun, exciting, and accessible to everyone, DualPenSports’ two hand coordination challenges players in new ways, providing an instant edge in the handheld and casual gaming markets!

With seven unique sports mini-games and a host of other challenges, DualPenSports delivers addicting moments of glory every athlete wants to play again and again! Players create and customise their own Personal Characters and then face off against the computer or friends in various sports mini-games!

  • Innovative Gameplay - DualPenSports is a new twist on both sports and touch games, immersing players into the experience with the use of both hands.
  • Multiple Gameplay Modes - DualPenSports contains 3 main modes to choose from:

Sports Select – Compete in seven unique sports for athletic glory!

Rank Match – Play to be the best and earn points in each sport.

Score Try – Practise each sport with specialised trials and challenges

  • Today's Challenge – A different sports challenge every day!
  • Tap Exercise – Hone your touch senses with these addicting activities.
  • Unique Sports Challenges – Compete in seven sports mini-games ranging from classic Home-Run Challenges to Archery to the exciting drama of Soccer Penalty Kicks. Test your mental might in the three Tap Exercise drills, where players must perform feats of dexterity using both hands.
  • Customisable Athletes – Players can customise their Athlete’s colour of clothing, appearance and expressions, for a truly personalised experience.
  • Multiplayer Competition – Challenge a friend using the Nintendo 3DS Local Play and show off your sports skills.

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

More is less

Whenever a title advertises a unique, never-before-seen element, the test of whether it's a true innovation or a simple gimmick largely comes down to whether it improves gameplay. DualPenSports is built around one such thing: two oversized plastic yellow...

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Nickno said:

This game's main flaw is that the 3DS isn't even multi-touch capable. So in reality it will center the touch point between your pens. Which means you could play the whole game with 1 if you figure out that point.

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