DJ Hero 3D (3DS)

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This title was announced at E3 2010 as planned to hit the 3DS sometime during its lifespan.

However, in February 2011 Activision discontinued the Hero series, effectively cancelling DJ Hero 3D.

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Rally said:

It seems like an unplayable game on a handheld, much less the 3DS.



nintendo100237 said:

To play you probably scratch a record on the bottom screen while watching the notes on the top screen.



xPOTATOx said:

Well, looks like we won't be getting this anymore.
R.I.P Guitar Hero - DJ Hero.



CARPYMW3 said:

Everyone that likes dj hero well its cancelled so dont worry!

Why cancel a game in the middle of making it . (i dont get that!)



2Sang said:

The main reason I got a 3ds, oh well, Kid Icarus is awesome too, hopefully along with Smash Bros 4 and Fire Emblem.

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