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New Art Academy features both Introductory and Advanced lessons - whether you are an old master or a complete novice - offering easy to follow, step-by-step guides to a variety of drawing and painting techniques, styles and materials.

You will be surprised how easy they are to pick up and how quickly your techniques can improve. To enhance your learning experience even further and to resemble your real-life inspirations best, some of the reference images for the lessons are now displayed as 3D videos, such as a tree with moving leaves or a river with flowing water. If you can’t get enough of the lessons - don’t worry - there are plenty additional ones coming your way in the near future.

If you just want to doodle or to practice a technique you have just learned, such as creating a stunning portrait, the Free Paint mode gives you an unlimited blank canvas to use at your will as well as a wide range of art materials to practice with.

A comprehensive art studio awaits - New Art Academy expands on your toolbox of paints and pencils, with new art materials for you to master including colour pencils, pastels and a variety of accessories at your disposal. These additional accessories include Scratch Pads for testing your artistic implement of choice, Colour Wheel to help choose similar or complimentary colours for an image when using the paints and even a Blending tool for smoothly blending the pastels together. The accessories help to create a more in-depth experience for the user and further extend the creative possibilities whilst learning new skills and effects.

Don’t let your proudest artistic achievements go unnoticed as with New Art Academy you have plenty of possibilities to show off your talent to family and friends around the world. Send your greatest masterpieces to your loved ones via SpotPass or Nintendo Letter Box.

That’s not all though as for the first time in an Art Academy game you can create and share your own interactive lessons for your friends to enjoy, allowing you to become a virtual art teacher. You can now select a subject, perhaps from a photo taken on your Nintendo 3DS, then teach your friends a favourite technique or style, and share it via local wireless or online via SpotPass.

Become the curator of your own gallery! Hang your art in your in-game virtual museum and admire your masterpieces as you walk around.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A flawed masterpiece

New Art Academy’s arrival on 3DS comes as no surprise, as the original DSiWare titles and the retail compilation on DS further boosted the handheld’s appeal, particularly to those who wanted more from a gaming machine. As part of a group of...

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Freelance said:

Neat new features there like a colour wheel (YAY!) and pastels. Problem is, I already have one of the AA's on DS. I dunno if I actually want another drawing app, although having a colour wheel with AA would be nice.



SyFyTy said:

I hope the lessons advance past where AA left off on the ds cart/ehsop version did. This is a big motivator for me to get the 3ds XL.



SyFyTy said:

Pastels great, now I can do caricatures on my 3ds.. I hope they include an upload option like the camera on the DSi did, to either facebook or some other better known social site.



ramstrong said:

Pastel and blending tool? It must be mine! Now if they have markers option on it, then it'd be perfect!

This will give me the excuse to get that 3DS XL, after all. Can't wait to doodle on Colors! on it as well.



amjh said:

Is this worth the price for the lessons if I don't need the drawing tool for anything else?



Fashion_Ninja10 said:

It's worth it. Trust me. I love this game. You won't regret buying it. This is one of the best DS drawing games out there. Pure amazing-ness (is that a word...?)

Anyways, I would recommend this to anyone who loves/likes/enjoys drawing. It's very calming and it helped me with me painting skills (by, like, at least a million skill points or whatever)

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