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A brand new, high-speed racing game that brings to mind the retro video games of yore!

Use one of the 6 different machines to race across 12 courses, some easy and some insane, in 4 different modes: GRAND PRIX, SINGLE RACE, TIME TRIAL, and VS BATTLE!

You can play against a friend using the multiplayer VS BATTLE mode or see where you stand in the world by viewing the online ranking in the RECORDS mode.


  • Enjoy high-speed racing with vector-style graphics reminiscent of the early days of gaming.
  • Use your wireless connection for multiplayer races and online rankings.
  • Choose from six racing machines, all with different strengths and abilities.
  • Courses range from easy and flat to wild curves and steep slopes.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Lines and lines and lines and lines and lines!

There's an episode of Family Guy in which Peter Griffin attends a production of Uncle Vanya. Partway through the play he stands up, bored out of his mind, and shouts, "for crying out loud, somebody throw a pie!" That's more or less how we felt playing...

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Takosuke said:

This reminds me of vector games on my ancient IBM, would the 3D effect be that noticeable against that black background though?



TheDreamingHawk said:

The 3D effect looks nice from the 1 picture on the Eshop, so I'll get this after I hear a few impressions.

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