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Humanity thought that it's victory in the war with the Thorions, a race of fearless war machines run amok, would restore peace to the Earth. But a generation later, humanity's worst fear is realized: the Thorions have returned, seeking revenge and aiming to wipe out the human race in a quest to dominate the galaxy.

It's up to you to go on the attack against the Thorions and defeat them in battle once more. Pilot your choice of three Skyfighters across alien worlds to protect human colonies and destroy Thorion forces. Blast away at hulking mechs, menacing gun turrets, and swarming drones. Push your dogfighting skills to their limits against adept Thorion Skyfighters.

  • Indra and Shango Skyfighters join the original Utu to provide fighters suited to any style of air combat
  • Choose between three difficulty levels before playing or replaying any mission
  • Earn medals at every level of difficulty by completing missions with minimal losses
  • Use new Boost maneuvers to dodge gunfire and power-up your piloting skills
  • Blast away with high speed gunfire or deliver additional destruction to the enemy with new Charged shot mode

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Posted by Tim Latshaw

Thor' real

It’s not that space shooters don’t exist on Nintendo systems, but there’s certainly not enough of them to keep cockpit-hopping fans from feeling parched. 3PM Games took advantage of this vacuum by releasing Thorium Wars on DSiWare and now, just like...

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News: Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter Takes Flight on 3DS eShop on 28th August

Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter Takes Flight on 3DS eShop on 28th August

There are barrel rolls, so do one

Just before E3 this year Nintendo unveiled an impressive range of eShop trailers that announced some brand new games; one of these was Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter for the 3DS eShop, developed by 3PM Games and published by Big John Games. As a sequel to the rather good DSiWare original, there's

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DracioKoi said:

This feels so nostalgic. I feel like I've played an old PC game like this years ago.



flojomojo said:

I'm ready for this one as well — the DSi version flew under my radar but I really like this kind of game. It's the closet we're likely to get to a portable Rogue Squadron.

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