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Kokuga is a top-down, 360-degree free-scrolling shooter.

Players select one of 12 stages, destroying drones, enemy tanks, gun towers and other mecha as they progress. Each stage culminates with a boss fight, pitting the players' compact tank against larger, heavily armed bosses.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

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There is so much that can be said about the legacy that Kokuga brings with it to the 3DS. We can talk about the illustrious Hiroshi Iuchi, and how his work is seminal is shaping the modern shoot ‘em up genre, or we can talk about Ikaruga, the under-sold...

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cryingjohnny said:

support G rev !! they are a legendary shmup developer which we should show full support for here in the west. been waiting for this one since Under defeat HD :)



ouroborous said:

good game, lots of fun. its a shooter/shmup but you do actually have a health meter/shield so you don't just die in one hit, which puts it a cut above the rest of the bullet-hell shooters where you get three lives and die instantly. making this game a bit more accessible to the average gamer.
it has an overhead view, kind of like the overhead levels of Super C or Contra III, however, I would say that this game is more fun than that.
the levels are a bit samey after a while, but the bosses are all very different and challenging.
the level layout adds some replayability as well since you can choose different paths and i want to see what other bosses lurk in thus-far-unplayed levels.

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