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In this colorful pond getting lunch is not that hard for Jack and Walter, or is it?

Look at those Carps just jumping out of the water! Aren't they a beautiful joy? But, what about the big bad Dragon watching over them? Play solo or with friends to “Carps & Dragons” frenetic action and solve all the challenging puzzles. Send your friends a Demo via the Nintendo 3DS Download Play.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Something smells fishy

Back in 2009, Abylight released Fish'em All! on WiiWare, an arcade title in which you jump around with giant nets attempting to catch the plethora of fish jumping out of the water. The concept was fine but the execution left something to be desired, as...

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Gioku said:

Okay... I can't be the only one who saw that title and thought it said "craps", can I?



gamerchick_22 said:

Worst mistake I ever made as far as 3DS game purchases. Highly wishing that I could get a refund, even at it's lowered price.

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