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Big Bass Arcade: No Limit is loaded with fishing excitement, putting players directly into the action as they reel in the big one. Big John Games leverages 17 years of fishing game experience to bring you incredibly life-like fish behaviors, spectacular animations, and 3D effects.

Full of new features, Big Bass Arcade: No Limit includes 7 fish species, 10 unique lakes, 9 lures, 32 multi-lake tournaments, 50 challenges, free fishing, and a deep variety of fish size, weight and behavior. Reel in Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Muskie, Northern Pike, Bluegill, and Crappie. High scores and achievements are tracked for every event on your quest to pull in that elusive World Record Fish.
Test your skills in over forty fishing challenges spread over ten unique lakes. The lakes are stocked with ever-growing World Record fish waiting for you to reel them in. Compete in multi-lake tournaments or free fish any lake at your own pace. Big Bass Arcade: No Limit appeals to fishing enthusiasts and gamers alike by capturing the adrenaline rush of fish fighting in an arcade-style game.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Fish it to the limit

Two years ago, Big John Games angled two fishing simulators towards Wii and DSi owners on the then current gen gaming consoles. It's now decided to take a leap upstream, diving headfirst onto the 3DS with Big Bass Arcade: No Limit. While this third entry...

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Windy said:

Looks a lot like sega Bass Fishing. I absolutely love Fishing Resort I'm wondering if this can top that. Graphically definitely can top it. Would be cool if Fishing Resort 2 was announced. I just like the flow of Fishing Resort over Sega Bass Fishing. I'm going to wait on comments and see what we have here



JJtheTexan said:

I'm definitely interested, but I'll wait for the Nintendo Life review before buying...

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