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Step into the life of Sohta, the young son of a family that has just set up a dry cleaners shop in the idyllic town of Fuji no Hana.

In his interactions with the town's unique residents, episodic mysteries are revealed that portend to the strange events surrounding the appearance of a giant monster every Friday. And finally, when Friday evening falls, the giant monster will appear right before your eyes!

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Posted by Lee Meyer

Pacific Rim meets The Goonies

Level-5 saved the best for last in its final Guild02 release with Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale. Designed by Kaz Ayabe, this is a short, very sweet interactive story about a little boy who lives in a small town where mysterious monsters...

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Shambo said:

It feels like a playable Studio Ghibli film. Now I DEFINITELY need Ni No Kuni on 3ds!



Windy said:

The game simply put is CHARMING as hell. You do play a very young kid (sohta) who interacts with very young kids. But the storyline is pretty complicated and very well written. It reminds me of an old movie I once saw called Stand By Me. The trials of Coming of age with a very good version of Ro-shambo (the Card game thrown in). The graphics are absolutely beautiful hand Drawn Backgrounds which also remind me of a Studio Ghibli film. Although the game looks like it might be for children I wouldn't think any child younger than 12 years old would even be happy about the plot or complications of the storyline. I got in 4 hours of the game last night and could not wait to see what awaited Sohta and his friends. The music in this game is just fantastic and sets the mood for every scene your in. I can't wait to get off work today so I can dive back into Attack of the Friday Monsters. Even though this game is not a point and click it has the feel of those point and click type of RPG's. Being a big fan of the point and click back in the day with such games as Monkey Island, Beyond Shadowgate and Loom This game does it better than the previous by leaps and bounds! My unfinished rating is a big 10 out of 10! It's a free roaming play style with a point and click feel to it. I know this game will end up short but it is definately going to leave me wanting more if it keeps on going the way its going. It kinda just sucks you in. That my friends is a good thing
I hope level 5 is prepared to do a sequel cause I think anyone who plays this will surely want to peek in on the adventures of Sohta and his friends again after it's all over.



Windy said:

Now to just make things clear on this game. I took 4 hours on that first night playing alot of the Ro-Shambo card game. But you can beat this game in about 2 and half hours. But it is 2 hours and 30 minutes of pure enjoyment!

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