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Take the challenge in AiRace Speed, the third sequel of the best-selling Nintendo DSi™ classic - AiRace, and pilot the most advanced and powerful jets as you compete to beat your best time.

Experience the action as you race on stunning high-speed tracks featuring extremely difficult tunnels, spectacular halls and hidden shortcuts.

Take speed to a whole new level and enjoy a frantic new gaming experience including:

  • Take the challenge - fly extreme speeds across 18 adrenaline-fueled tracks
  • Stunning environments packed with challenging obstacles, tunnels, shortcuts and more
  • Take control of one of 5 high-speed futuristic jets powered with advanced technology
  • High-performance graphics and immersive 3D effects that put you in the middle of the action
  • Compete against fellow competitors around the world in online leaderboards
  • Fantastic replay value with special achievements to be unlocked
  • Third game of the successful and highly rated AiRace series

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Have you the need?

AiRace Tunnel was a neat little arcade flight obstacle course on DSiWare that felt as if it was a bonus mode ripped out of a larger racing game. A few months later, QubicGames dropped AiRace onto the service, which was that larger game, filled with actual...

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User Comments (7)



watford1 said:

Anyone know when Picross e3 is out out on eshop for Europe as i am looking foward to purchasing it?



spamineggs said:

awww... it's just a hyperactive "Tunnel" game. I was hoping for an actual racing sequel. the graphics are pretty tho.



julienpoo said:

I stopped to be patient with the 3DS so I didn't buy this game... however it looks good. The 3D effect seems to work very well and thats something you can't find on another platform. But it's a tunnel game. Even if I have to pay a bit more, I would like real games now... What about a racing game, or something like Descent or Forsaken ? The Eshop on 3DS is a joke...



julienpoo said:

Finally I got it. I think it's good for the price. They did some effort with realisation. good use of 3D and some nice graphics. For 5€, not bad. Wish it was a bit more than a 5€ game however... but I wanted to support the dev for making a decent game on the Eshop.



3dcaleb said:

i know right? wheres the review? but i couldnt wait and got it anyway, and for 5 bucks its pretty cool.

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