Topic: Who here Would Like to See Castlevania III ReBirth?

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Ohh YES!!

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A remake for my favorite Castlevania game of all time? Of course.



Judging by the trend, Konami is doing Rebirths of series, not individual titles. A Castlevania Rebirth title would likely include levels from Castlevania 1-3 (or 4), not just 3. That would still be cool though.

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A remake of an already great game. Thanks, but no thanks!
The game is just fine as is. You don't need to fix something that isn't broken.

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A remake isn't necessary and would be rather pointless, but an 8-bit or even 16-bit sequel would be greatly appreciated. All the SNES Castlevania's failed to even come close to Dracula's Curse, in my mind, and the newer metroid-vania SOTN style games have been fun but are getting a bit repetitive.

They could start, however, just by releasing Rondo of Blood, which is the one game in the series that I'd say could be called a worthy successor to III.

Whether I'm in the minority or not, I feel that there are just 3 truly great Castelevania games, and others have been well worth playing but have never even come close in overall quality:

  • III: Dracula's Curse
  • Rondo of Blood
  • SoTN

Sorry, Simon's Quest fans It certainly had its own Zelda II-ish charm, but I wouldn't place it near the top of the list.

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A Castlevania ReBirth would have to have NES/SNES style gameplay. Otherwise whats the point? We're getting new Castlevania games on almost a yearly basis for the DS - the series hasn't gone anywhere or fallen out of the public eye. But the original gameplay style has.

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I think that would be cool; I'm enjoying the "best of" aspect of the ReBirth series which leaves me feeling I don't really need to get all the separate bits whilst being pretty fresh.

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