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I think one way for Nintendo to sell more Wiiware titles and VC titles, especially the low sellers are to have price drops and sales. I mean, there are so many games, good games amongst them that seem overpriced and do not so sell well accordingly. Examples being High Voltage Hot Rod show and Major League Eating: The Game. From my consumer prespective: 1000 points, no way. 800 points, maybe. 600, definetly. 500, bargain. It's just like disc games, start out expensive, get cheaper as time goes on, why can't it be the same for downloadables.



it would be cool if they had deals sometimes, like taking 200 points off of something if you purchased it along with (insert related Wiiware title here).

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also there is no big deal in getting more Wii/ Nintendo Points ( i get 1000 for 10 €, i get 5000 for 50 € ) that should be 5000 = 40-45 €

or for example if you have bought 10 WC game you get a % of discount on the next game u r buying

no buying incentives.



I think the main problem is that the services just aren't as big or well known as, say XBLA. Nintendo need to advertise the service more to Wii Owners, as so far hardly anyone i know with a Wii knows about them. Doing Deals on games on the service is a good idea (Of Course) but Nintendo don't look like they'll be doing any of those on the shop channel soon.

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Good idea. Steam does it for PC stuff all the time. But Nintendo are too tight-fisted, I fear, even though their rolling in it.

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Perhaps buying Strong Bad 1 gets you Strogn Bad 2 for 900 Points, or something? I already own all but 5, but there you go.



I think it would be a better idea to give people a portion of their purchase price back after some time. That gets people to buy games right when they come out, instead of waiting for a drop. They also make money on the interest, even if they consider a points refund to be losing money that's making more than just dropping the price.



Well, you can register some of your downloads (both VC and WiiWare) at Club Nintendo in the UK for 50 stars each by taking a little survey) -- I only discovered this recently and it's taking me forever but I may be able to get myself something nice like lots of Nintendo points when I'm done!

Still sales are definitely in order or lowering the price of titles that aren't selling well. I know if I was a developer locked into a higher price bracket and my title wasn't moving I'd want Nintendo to drop the price and feature it in some kind of discount special to see if I could get some sales...

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