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How did I forget about this one?

This has gotten a criminal lack of hype btw. I think it might end up on Wii U just because Nintendo fans might be the only ones to accept the graphics (and this isn't just Nintendo fanboy logic, the TotalBiscuit video on it had every other comment burying the graphics from what I saw)

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Plants VS Zombies would be perfect for Wii U. It would be played normally on the Gamepad, and the TV could have a 3D animated version with different camera angles and everything. They could also use the Gamepad to make some exclusive minigames.

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Some good indie games like super meat boy and fez

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I think that SEGA should put their re-releases like NiGHTS, the Sonic games and Guardian Heroes on the Wii U Eshop. I also think that they should continue re-releasing these non-Genesis games on all the digital services. I would love to see Shining Force CD, Shining Force III, Planet Harriers and Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder.

I also think that other companies should follow in SEGA's footsteps and do HD re-releases on all the digital services. The games I want to see this happen the most are Darius Gaiden, G Darius, Strider 2, Snatcher, Policenauts (they could use the fan translation for all I care), and Xevious 3DG.

Finally, I would like to see more revivals of old IP's. The one's that I want to see revived the most are Streets of Rage, Alex Kidd, Ristar and Ice Climbers.

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I would like to see a Hyper Drive Edition of Mighty Switch Force 2. A TMNT title would be sweet.


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I want every game!!! Ha ha but STAR FOX for SNES most definately. . . YEP and all the other ones mentioned



Sonic CD's remake. Come on, Sega.

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