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As we know, Bayonetta 2 is coming exclusively to the Wii U. I'm sure plenty will buy it. However, I think the original Bayonetta should be brought to the Wii U eShop so Nintendo fans can play it as well. A $20 price tag would be fair, imo.



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I have no problem with this, but you should ask Sega first

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Something that works even better than petitions that not everyone looks at is Tweeting or Facebooking the developer directly. The good companies DO listen when there is a demand; look at Nintendo with Miiverse or Ubisoft when it came to responding to their Rayman fiasco.

Here's SEGA's official Twitter:

If you want Bayonetta 1, politely show your interest and patronage! I already have.

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I wouldn't mind buying this a 3rd time, such an excellent game!



Yes please! I haven't played it yet and I hesitate to get in on my Xbox, but I completely want the 2nd and if the 1st came out on Wii U I would buy it in a heart beat

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I'm sure it all depends on how well the sequel sells.

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