Topic: When are VC games supposed to hit Wii U? ( not the 30 cents ones)

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Sorry if this has been posted before but did Nintendo ever say when VC games that are not the promotional titles will be released on Wii U ?



Maybe some will come in the big April Wii U update?

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I'm predicting that there will be a Wii U Direct in a few days.

They usually host main series Nintendo Directs around the 20th of a month, while they've been doing main Wii U Directs on every odd number month since September while they do main 3DS Directs on every even number month (with the exception of December 2012 which was about the Japanese Wii U launch). All this is for NOJ though, NOA talks about both the Wii U and 3DS during all main Nintendo Directs.


Iwata said right after the big Spring update.



Got it. Thanks everyone!



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