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Hey everyone, you've all heard the news about the 60hz version of F-Zero we have now, I just Thought it would be worth showing you part of the email I sent to my local Nintendo Branch, explaining why PAL gamers should have games at 60hz rather than 50 hz

Hi there to those concerned at Nintendo of Australia/America

There have been some very curious descions regarding the Virtual Console on the 3DS and the current trial program for the Virtual Console on the Wii U.
I understand for the time being that Nintendo is running a trial basis campaign for the Virtual Console and we aren't getting the true virtual console until later in the year.
I am writing to complain about the inconcsistencies between both virtual consoles.
-On the 3DS, All Nintendo Entertainment System games are running full speed (including all 3DS Ambassador titles) at 60hz, this is the speed at which all games outside Japan and America run. 60 hz is also the speed at which all Nintendo games were always intended to be played at by the developers of the software.
-On the WiiU Virtual Console, the only currently available game is of course, Balloon Fight. 3DS Ambassadors have the choice of either playing the 3DS Balloon Fight at the Normal speed (60hz) or at the slow, 50hz speed version on the WiiU.

My problem is that all games on the Wii, 3DS or WiiU virtual consoles have the capability to run at 60HZ, I understand in the past Nintendo had to modify their games to be compatible with 50hz televisions back in the 80's and 90's, but this problem has gone unnoticed or rather ignored since the Wii Shop Channel started to provide virtual console games as well.
I should note that most households in todays world are capable of 50hz AND 60hz speeds and the difference between both speeds is very noticable. In fact games running normally at 60hz are 17.5% faster than the 50hz versions, this makes the 50 hz version of Balloon Fight frail in comparison to the 60hz version. My point is that half the world is buying the proper version of a virtual console game (whether it be NES, SNES, Turbo Graphx 16, Sega Master System or Sega Mega Drive) at the correct speed, where as European and Australasian consumers are being sold the inferior versions. I think this problem needs to be rectified so that all consumers, whether they are casual or serious gamers, can all equally enjoy and have the same, best experience. I have been a Nintendo fan for over 15 years and I've never had any serious problems with any of Nintendo's hardware or software.

I believe Nintendo have always been about great software, great hardware and great experiences and If Nintendo would like to continue on, then I think these issues are worth recognising and acknowledging. I have the deepest respects for all those who work for Nintendo and it's subsidaries, I hope the same care and effort that goes into your products an services continues and I wish you good luck for 2013.

There, maybe it's just co-incidence that we were going to get 60hz F Zero because of the protest on Miiverse, but as a Nintendo fan and a N Lifer, I wanted to help everyone any way I could (please don't lock this thread, I worked really hard to get any answers out of Nintendo about this whole issue.

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er... I don't see why you couldn't have posted this to the article thread where it would make more sense, and i'm not seeing any answers from Nintendo, either? You're preaching to the choir, my friend. congrats on getting F-Zero in 60 hz, though, whether your letter had any actual impact or not. :3

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