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did Nintendo really say something about bringing GBA to Wii U during the Nintendo Direct? I missed the first couple of minutes..



They said it in previous Direct and also mentioned it in yesterday's Direct. Yesterday, Iwata said that that N64 games and GBA games will come later to Wii U Virtual Console.

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I really hope they add multiplayer to these GBA games.



I'm definitely interested I some of the GBA games...

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I can't really think of any GBA games I want, but I know plenty of people will want Mario Advance 1-4, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid etc. I've already had my fill of those games.
I had an ambassador 3DS, so I already have alot of the good ones anyway.
The only game I would really want for GBA on VC would be Mother 1, 2 , and 3 which were only on Japan, but I understand the variables keeping that from happening anytime soon, if at all.


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GBA was my favorite handheld; I really enjoyed a lot of games on it. I'm excited to revisit many of them!

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Yellowtails wrote:

I really hope they add multiplayer to these GBA games.

This, I hope they update the multiplayer on the Game Boy 3DS VC games as well.


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This is just my personal opinion, but let's keep the GBA VC games for the the 3DS. Let's keep portable games portable, and console games remain console games.

I second that! I want GBA games on my 3DS, not my Wii U. I don't care if Nintendo feel they will annoy Ambassadors if they put them on. We've had our fun, let everyone else join in and, most importantly add more to the eShop.


Also agreed. Though I suppose they can put them on the Wii U too if they insist but I really think the 3DS is better suited for them.

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