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One of my foundest fantasies has to be the one where I make a living developing games. A good living making good games. Ofcourse thats a blatant fantasy, but I'd still like to ask a few questions if you don't mind:

1: Is it possible to acquire the Wii SDK without having to start your own game development company and then pay for the incredibly expensive development license? And can you then use the SDK to:

A: Develope your own "homebrew" game
B: Promote the game to a third party game development company, and
C: All without getting your ass sued?

2: Is it possible for a private person to develope a game for WiiWare?[/list]

And yes, I have a couple of good game ideas, and a hundred crappy ones. My first attempt would be an Online 2.5D isometric RPG for the Wii that... well, lets just say I have a couple of interesting ideas up my sleeve...

But for now, the development part

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