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I just sold a few of my games, and I'm thinking of getting a new game for Wii. Part of me wants to get Punch Out!!, but I also want Boom Blox Bash Party! What game do you think I should get?

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I own the original Boom Blox, and it's pretty fun. The new one is supposed to have endless replayability + better gameplay.

Punch Out!! is amazing. I'm not sure about the replay value since I haven't completed it yet, but it's by far the most fun game I've played on Wii.

It all depends on whether you like puzzle games or arcade-y games.



If you plan on playing alone, buy Punch Out. If you plan on playing with others, buy Bash Party.

I had people over today so earlier I bought Bash Party.



I just bought bash party today. Great fun, but only if you have some patiance and like puzzlers.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


That is a really tough decision to make. I have Punch Out and I just picked up Boom Blox: Bash Party today. Both are awesome games! Whichever game you do decide to get will be excellent an choice! Have you bought Klonoa yet? That is another great game!



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