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Topic: Best Memories You've Had on Wii

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The Wii won't be around much longer... so I'm gonna look back at the memories I've had with my Wii. I have fond memories of flying across space and walking on small spheres (Super Mario Galaxy), playing against my family and friends in an intense four-player brawl (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), racing to the finish with my lucky mushrooms and shells (Mario Kart Wii), slaying monsters in dungeons in a masterpieceful Ocarina of Time prequel (Zelda Skyward Sword), and freeing aliens from capsules and racing across space (Sonic Colors)! Oh man, those were good times. Well, all times must come to an end. Fortunately, Wii U is under way. What are you're greatest Wii memories?

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first time booting it up and using ir to move the cursor (WHAT BLACK MAGIC IS THIS???)
first time playing wiisports (STRIKE!)
first time steering in tony hawks downhill jam and hearing that sound out of the wiimote when performing special tricks (please make a sequel!)
super mario galaxy (best gameplay ever)
taking controll of EVERY single player in PES 2008 with playmkercontrols (PES on Wii is best football simulator ever)

thats all i can think of real quick

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This topic exists here

And my comments #17 and #52 are still my best memories.

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