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How many & which games actually support this controller?

Can I control Wii U entirely with this controller without need to use Wii U gamepad?

Is there a dedicated webpage or Q&A already on this topic so I can read more?

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There's a thread a few pages back, but I can see why you didn't find it, because I didn't either.
Anyways, you can basically use it just as much as the GamePad. Some games don't use it, like Lego City Undercover. That's the only game I can think of that doesn't use it, because the GamePad is required for most of the gameplay.
You can navigate the Wii U menu, and play most games with it. It doesn't work for Wii mode, though.
It's good for multiplayer. If you don't really need it, I would recommend buying a Wii remote+ with a nunchuck instead.
Most games use the Wii remote, too, and Nintendo Land requires those for multiplayer.
Besides multiplayer for Wii U games, there's really no reason to have one, IMO.


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You can't use it with games that actively use the gamepads features, so games like Nintendo Land and ZombiU. I use my pro controller for almost any game I have that supports it. I use it for BLOPS, Sonic Racing, Need for Speed, Chasing Aurora and all my VC games. You can use most of the features of the Wii U with a Pro Controller, but for things like the eShop and browser you'll need your gamepad.

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Almost every third-party Wii U game uses the pro controller while most Nintendo games of which try to make unique use of the gamepad are unlikely to use true pro controller. Classic games like from NES, SNES, and (Possibly arriving soon) N64 games will definitely allow pro controller use.



I am also concerned that Wii Pro controller does not work with Wii U and now I need to spend another 30 GBP for WII U Pro controller.
Well, thank you guys for info.

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You are welcome, glad to help.



The wii ccp work with some games, but its more games for wii u pro controller, and more developers go for the wii u pro controller and dont invlud the ccp

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