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Hello everyone! ^_^/
Sorry for coming up with such an unpopular and old game but I hope you can maybe help me finally...? ^_~

Anyone who has found many/all Secret Travelers in Wii Street U out there? ?___?

I absolutely NEED help with the Secret Travelers 17 & 24! ^O^

17 is at the Arc of Triomphe in Paris (the coordinates are 48.872278, 2.29528). I have been to the exact location of the photo shown in the hint several times but the jingle doesn't sound and the stamp isn't there... .__. Has anyone a solution for this bug maybe?

24 is at the Taj Mahal but after walking around forever it hasn't shown up for me... Could someone please give a screenshot, exact guide or maybe even working coordinates (not like the ones in the cheat section...) to help me...Please? ?^?

Thank you so very much! I'm getting crazy and desperate because I can't find them and cannot complete the game. T___T



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