Topic: Troubleshooting: Wiimotes sometimes register in reverse

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Prof_Clayton wrote:

Seems obvious, but was the sensor bar upside down?

The sensor bar is two lights on either end; the camera in the wiimote does all the work by seeing where those two lights are.




I got the Wii back from Nintendo with 3 new remotes and they work fine now!

Whoever is working in their refurbished department must be doing something to the accelerometer.

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I recently bought an old Wii console with a Wii Mote Plus included, only to find that the gyro was inverted in the controller, as seems to be a regular problem with "refurbished" controllers.. So I did the logical thing! I unscrewed the 4 screws holding the piece together, carefully opened up the plastic cover and you can easily tell what part is the gyro. It's a little metal circle looking almost like a battery, with two cables connected to it. What I did was that I simply flipped it over, so that the front was now facing backwards, proceeded to reassemble my controller and alas, the problem is fixed. (And the warranty void but I'd rather have a functional controller RIGHT NOW)

I can now enjoy Zelda: Skyward Sword and Wii Sports Resort without playing with a mirrored gyro controller, and no Nintendo service required! I hope this helps someone as I would've loved to have found this post before trying!




I just opened my Wii motion plus remote (built in) and the only thing I see similar to what you described is the vibration motor. I do not see any metallic circle similar to a battery. The vibration motor is covered in black rubber and has a red and blue +/- wire. This isn't what you're talking about, is it? Any chance you could get a picture of it?




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