Topic: The new update accidentally gave us a new feature -> Twitich like aiming with a controller that can compete with a mouse.

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So I updated my Wii U and saw the new feature regarding playing wii games on the gamepad, got excited until I saw that the gamepad's buttons was basically unusable and had to use the wii controller instead.

I first thought to myself pointing a wii controller at such a small screen won't work well, but I was wrong, it was pretty accurate, actually it was more accurate a required less movement.

Since what you see on the gamepad was mirrored on the big screen I thought to myself, instead of pointing to sensor bar on the TV, why not point to the gamepad instead and see how well that translates on the big screen.

While sitting down, and with a few wrist movements I could instantly put the crosshair at any pixel I could visibly see in an instant with great accuracy. For the heck of it I kept switching between the the sensor bar on TV and to the gamepad. Whenever I switched to the TV I found myself having to move my whole arm and needed to stand up, whilst on the gamepad I could remain seated and just move my wrists while my arm rested on my side.



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