Topic: GamePad battery -- 1h and 30 minutes after 3 months ??

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hmm when mines not in use its constantly on the charging cradle. it seems fine so far but do you think in time i will wear out the battery? its short enough as it is and wouldnt want to loose anymore charge.

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put it on.


It will definitely lose power after a while like all batteries, but it discharges to keep that from happening. Discharging constantly can seem inconvenient, but it really does save the battery in the long run. They expect you to have it charged everytime you use it, and able to hook it up with no problem which is obviously not the case for alot of you.
I'm going to buy an extension cord, but it's actually for my 3DS charger, and not my gamepad. I'm bound to use it for the gamepad if I need it, though.


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