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I've thought about a new IP for Nintendo, they really need one. And then, when my mum and her friend were talking about honey, i got an idea. It's a little bit like Pikmin, but it should work, i think. Here's my idea:
You control a bee, the leader of your group, which is very small in the beginning. You control your bee on the TV while you see a map on the GamePad screen. But it isn't just a map so you can see where you are, it's much more complicated. The map is zoomed on the other members of your group (the people also living in your beehive). On the touch screen you can control them, a little bit like Pikmin.
The part I've been thinking of most is the way you can battle with bosses, or other big enimies. Here's how I've thoght about it:
You come to a boss, an animal with the same size as an rabbit. Your goal is not to kill it, it's to get past it. To get past it you must scare it, and the best way to do that when you're a bee is to stick it. But if you stick it on it's back it don't sense it, so you must stick it on it's belly. The only way to manage that is to make your bee friends detain the "evil monster". On the GamePads screen you see them and on the tv screen you see yourself. They die one after another, and when they all are dead, it's like time-up; you've got no chance to beat it (the monster).
Bii U. Bee, and then nintendofy it: Bii. Bee U, a game where you control a bee. But you can interpret it as if it were meaning; Be you.
This is a start on a new IP, i think. But, what do you think about the idea of Bii U?


When's it coming out?




Throw in some Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Rick Moranis 80's vibes and I would pick up Bii U in a heartbeat!

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