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So just recently I started to play New Super Mario Bros U again. I noticed that, when the screen is scrolling, the TV screen gets totally blurry. I never noticed that when I got this game month ago. It seems like I got used to other games that aren't "scrolling" that much. So I tested out some settings on my TV. Nothing helps.. Except this HD Natural Motion thing.. but that gives the TV so much input lag that even a Mario game gets unplayable.. Looks gorgeous with it but the input lag kills the game at the same time. So I needed a new idea. What if my TV screen is smaller? (And btw. I have a huge TV. :3 ) I remembered that you can adjust the screen sice on the Wii U settings. I narrowed my screen to the lowest.. Got back on NSMB U, and see there! - Every thing looks fine now, no blurriness.

Long story short: I've got a smaller screen and the quality got better. I have to get used to the black surrounding, tho. ^^

Well. My point of this Topic is: Are you using it in any way and got some results like me?

Edit: Sorry. I've got confused by the names. Got a german Wii U.. :3
Title fixed?

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I was until I found the "Just Scan" option on my TV because my TV was cropping part of the image, it was disappearing into overscan. With "Just Scan" it's all better and every last pixel is scaled properly.



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