Topic: Anyone else tired of the "analyst doom prediction / some guy complaining about Nintendo" Articles on NintendoLife?

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They are seemingly endless and really pretty pointless. I've never cared nor known what the opinion of Steve from Game Company X was in past, but now I should because he has an opinion on Nintendo. These articles serve no purpose other than welling up negativity around a system that already has plenty to go 'round. Doesn't it seem counter-intuitive to bum everyone out who is actively interested in Nintendo and the Wii U? I'm not saying NintendoLife should sugar coat everything, I have no problem with honest reviews - because that's the point - we wanna know about the GAMES. How many of you out there care about predicted financial analysis or random industry guy opinions on Nintendo?

(Sorry I cursed in the first version of this - got a little carried away haha)

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