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Name a game that you have never played on the older systems?... and wish it was on VC... It's a shame the Wii VC can't make all games, that Nintendo owns, for sell to all regions not just Japan.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy 32X
i heard it was stupid, but i never played it

Stark- Throw on some hot rod red...

Jarvis- Yes, that will help you keep a low profile...


"Animal Leader" (Doubutsu Bancho)
It was released for N64 only in Japan.
The Gamecube remake was released in NA as "Cubivore".
I was always curious about it. It looked so fun.
I'd like to have the N64 version on Wii's VC or the Gamecube version on Wii U's VC.

Also, Bangaio for the N64, another Japan only game I played for just a very brief time. Loved the screenfilling smooth action! It's made by Treasure. Want to play this again!!

I'd take the original JP version of both. They don't really need to do a translation like with Sin & Punishment.
They will both have an international instruction manual explaining the menus and goals and that should be enough.
I had no problems playing other JP VC games: Mario's Super Picross, Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa and Cho Aniki.


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