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Topic: What's your favorite place to dig for retro treasure? AND what's your greatest find?

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WaveWitch wrote:

Some of these Retro videogame shops are a total joke. Checked out one a couple of days ago, and there weren't any price tags on any of the games or consoles. I asked the guy(who seemed like he knew nothing about videogames) how much he wanted for Mega man 8 and he said," $45.......:o Pure Insanity. I can get MM8 on eBay for $12 including shipping. Battlestoads was also doubled in price and he wanted $130 for an Atari 2600. Ridiculous.

I bought MM8 for like $3 on amazon, disk was in a flawless condition not a scratch on it. I feel pretty good about that :)

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Pnp games help fund my salary!

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Did I reply to this yet?
La garra and eBay.

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