Topic: Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World: Which is Better?

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Such a hard call...

SMB3 was the first game that I bought with 100% of my own money. It's just as good now as it was back then.

SMW, on the other hand, was a game I had to wait to play. (didn't get a SNES for a year or two after the release) It had such a different feel to it than the older Marios, but in mostly positive ways.

In the end, I think SMW wins by the skin of its teeth. Looking back at it, it feels like the first truly 'modern' Mario game. Honestly though, Yoshi's Island ranks almost as highly with me. (despite being easy)



I think I'll go with SMB3 the level design was so much more creative, while still remaining excellently playable. Then you have airships, hammer suits and the angry sun. World didn't even have Hammer Bros., twas still excellent to be sure.

odd69 wrote:

You know what would be even better than both of those? Super Mario World Rebirth.

...Not a chance. Better than New Super Mario Bros. maybe.


3 hands down.
Super Mario World(while good) just felt like it was missing something...And the music wasn't as memorable as 3's....SMB 2 is still my favorite Mario game of all time, followed by 3 and then 1.

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Super Mario World.
Although I haven't played much of 3.

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I think I slightly prefer Super Mario Bros. 3 because it is much more varied and has some cool power-ups.

I like how super Mario World feels more adventurous, though with its awesome world map and its many secret levels and exits. And off course Yoshi!

Very close call though.

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