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Topic: Sealed copy of " SUPER MARIO BROS" nes.

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Howdy everyone,
A copy of "Super mario bros" nes came into my possession recently. It looks look it's still factory sealed too...which is probably a bonus.
It's not the typical plastic seal around the game though? I can't explain it, but it's a different type of plastic seal around it. The type of way it's packaged looks old. I'm looking for expert opinions as I would like to sell this.
Ps. The game box is branded with the "Mattel" logo, and it has English/Italian language on it.

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^^^^^That link might help you determine if it's a legitimate sealed copy or if someone resealed it.

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Mattel versions weren't sealed in plastic. They were sealed with a round black sticker on the top. These type of sealed games still really don't go for that much, but if it has the sticker still on it and everything is in decent shape, with it being SMB1, you still might get something out of it.

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