Topic: Never realized you can check GBA games authenticity with just a flashlight

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You can't check to see if the same chips were flashed and resoldered without taking it apart and examining but you can shine a flashlight in to see the Nintendo logo on the board. It's not a 100% authentication but it helps.

It's good to know while on the hunt. I don't always carry the tools to take carts apart but I usually do have a flashlight or the one on my phone.

This doesn't work on other cartridges as the Nintendo logo would be more into the cart, requiring you to take it apart. But color of the board and label and other variables can help asses the situation.

Just thought I'd share a neat little find that I'm not sure how many people know about. This would be good lets say you are at the flea market maybe one not local to you and you see some vendor selling pokemon games and they look like a reseller, Well this will help you.




These days, only the most amateurish of pirates would not put the Nintendo logo there. They all know it's the first thing people look for.

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