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This is an old one,it's either for the snes or sega genesis and remember renting it way back in about 93.

Anyways my memory is a little sketchy,but from the details I can remember the game went something like this.
I'm pretty sure you played against the game a guy with dark hair and a dark goatee and the object of the game was to pick a section of land and the game would pick the other and it would develop from nothing into a military society,and who ever deloped the furthest would depend on what type of natural recources the society you created mined,developed and who ever advanced first would attack the other.

The only real control the gamer had over anything in the game was picking the section of land and once you picked everything went kind of fast and if you won you went on to the next level and the same thing over again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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