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Last night, i was asleep, i woke up during heavy hail and rain. I couldn't go back to sleep...when i turned on my N64, which has an expansion pack in it, the red light would not come on, and it appeared as though the lightning tried it. Well, I have two N64 consoles, and the other one wasn't plugged in(but it only has a jumper pack). I took the expansion and jumper packs out of both of them, and put the expansion pack in the still-working console.... when I slid in the Donkey Kong game cartridge, the screen went from static, to a black screen, almost like the game was about to start on the main menu...but the screen just stayed black, like it was frozen... I'm thinking here, that if my expansion pack was totally fried, it would be just static when I turn it on. is it totally screwed, am i just going to have to buy a new expansion pack...? just curious, a storm has never done this before.

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@GabeOF22 If the expansion pak was fried, I think you would still get a black screen, assuming your other N64 still works and its power and AV cables are plugged into the power outlet and TV, respectively. Does your DK64 cart still work? If it's inserted without the expansion pak, you should get a message saying it's required. If so, it may very well be the expansion pak being fried due to a severe storm, particularly if you don't have any surge protectors. As far as I know, you may need to get another one. Used ones cost around $30, but if you're lucky you could find one for less than that on eBay. Sorry I wasn't of much help, this is just to the best of my knowledge.

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As @MarioLover92 said, you'd just get a black screen if there was no expansion pak, so we know it's at least doing something. This certainly doesn't sound like a common occurrence so it's hard to say if the culprit is the expansion pak, the DK64 cartridge, or something else.

I'd say start by giving the expansion pak, game, and console a cleaning. Also, if you're using one of those knock off expansion paks they sell on places like Amazon, I've heard those are prone to issues.

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