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Xbox LIVE Silver members that are still unsure of the benefits of the Gold membership will have a good time to check all the Gold features out, without spending a cent.

From November 20th from 12n ET /9a PT /17:00 GMT until November 23rd from 12n ET /9a PT /17:00 GMT, Xbox LIVE Silver Members on all regions (except Europe) will have access to all the Gold features (Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, Halo Waypoint, Netflix, Deals of the Week, Online Multiplayer, TruSkill Matchmaking, Cross-game (Party) Chat, etc.) at no cost!

European Xbox LIVE Silver members can enjoy those benefits (including the Sky Player) for a longer time, November 25th from 17:00 GMT until November 30th at 17:00 GMT.

Coincidentially, that gives access to the triple-Deal of the Week that's planned for this month's last week, so get ready to take advantage of that too! Knothole Island, Peggle and Death Tank are the deals, and a 1600 MSP Card will be just enough to get them all!

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Thanks for the information Dark G. My Gold membership just recently expired but it will be cool to check out those features for free.



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