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Anyone know of any retro-styled games that they'd like to share? Maybe you're looking for a Neo-Retro fix? Or perhaps you really liked a game and want to spread the word? (If games you want to share are online, please try to post a link to them.) I don't just mean retro gameplay, I mean retro in gameplay AND aesthetics. I've got plenty of examples.

You can get them all here, starting with Cave Story, just use the Search function.

-Bit Boy!!
-BIT.TRIP Anything
-Retro Game Challenge
-GameCenter CX 2
-Gradius Rebirth
-Contra Rebirth
-Cave Story
-La Mulana
-Val and Rick
-Beluga Mk. II
-Bonesaw: The Game
-Fairy Attackers
-Gikoparo 5
-GoldenEye 2D
-Lyle in Cube Sector
-ROM Check Fail!
-8bit Killer
-Cho Ren Sha 68K
-Push Push Penguin
-Rockman 7 FC
-Protoganda 2
-Shotgun Ninja
-Sonic Sisters
-Streambolt Desero

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All your links have the same URL.

Raincoat whore!


They WHAT!?!

F**k. Well, just search them on the site.

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