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This is a cross post with the pushsquare forums, if that isn’t allowed please tell me.

I’m planning to buy a ps2 with 8 ps2 games and 26 ps1 games tomorrow but needed help from someone who knows their old games.

I’m paying €50 for it but I’m not sure yet (it’s from an old man who was cleaning his attic)
I couldn’t entirely make out every game but this is what I could see

Klonoa: door to phantomille
Need for speed high stakes
Need for speed 3
Need for speed (not sure which one)
Monsters inc
Gta 2
Batman and robin
Resident evil directors cut
Time crisis
Looney toones
Mission impossible
Buzz lightyear
Harry potter 1

Fifa 06
007 everything or nothing
Fifa 2005

Also some of the games weren’t in the original case (all of the above mentioned are though) but all games are the real original copies.

Also it comes with a original ps2, 3 controllers and a memory card (I already have a ps2 slim)

Are the above mentioned games and console (16 of the 34 games) worth the €50

Thanks in advance

P.S. I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed.

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I would be tempted to say it is, provided all games actually work. Don't just check the discs for scratches and so on, but if I were you, I would ask a demonstration to see if they actually run or not. As for the games themselves: I'd say that all of them together are worth it, and there are some good ones in there as well, such as the Need for Speed games, Resident Evil, Klonoa, etc. Although it of course also depends on personal taste.

I am wondering about Time Crisis, because I do believe that it needs a lightgun controller, so you might want to check that as well.

Hope that helps...

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I can't speak for the Netherlands, but in the UK Klonoa (PS1) alone is worth the asking price - it's a fairly rare game. I'd say go for it.

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I would say absolutely. You will not be able to buy a working PS2 and all those games at that price from any store. You might be able to piece them together from individual ebay purchases, but the time and luck needed would make the minor savings not worth it.

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