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The nintendo clan that I am advertising is similar in name to this website. We did not name it after this site though. But anyway, the nintendo clan is called LIFE. It's not only a clan but also a community where anyone can discuss the things of Nintendo. If you join, you won't be joining a site, yet you will be joining a team of fun, friendly family like community. It's super simple to join and by joining you'll be able to create topics on forums, join and participate in Nintendo game divisions, and chat with other members on the site about your passion for video games and more. I hope that anyone reading this won't reject this wonderful offer. Even if you are apart of a lot of other gaming sites including this one, joining one more wouldn't hurt, right? But I understand if you don't want to join because this is like another anonymous person advertising about his or her clan or website. If you're still even reading this post, just think about it and if you choose to join or even just to check out the site, the link will be below for your convenience.

LIFE Nintendo Clan:
3DS FC: 1332-7719-4610
Wii FC: 2505-2978-2326-4361


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