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Magi wrote:

Lost Odyssey. I just bought my Gold membership on for 39.99 and got free shipping so now I'm finally on Live! I was hoping to find someone as equally noob as I am at Left 4 Dead so I'm not so embarassed to play. heh Any takers?

I've been playing the crap outta Fable 2 lately and I believe I'll be completing it very soon. Also, get Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Get some Microsoft Points, the Knothole Island expansion for Fable II will be discounted later this month, along with Peggle!

IF you want, you can add me "Wii60 DarkPGR" (without the quotes), I don't have Left 4 Dead on 360, but I do have Fable II among a bunch of others, and will probably get L4D2 for 360 too.

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Thanks for the heads-up on Knothole island! I'll figure out how to add people tonight and get you added as well as get my gamer tag posted.



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