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Anyone else hype for ths game? It's a Bioware returning to thier roots of old school rpgs. This game from what they say is going to huge out the box and have a good level of replayabililty with six races and six classes,plus biowares epic story telling. Also the game comes out the box with DLC in every new copy of the game giving you like another four hours of play time. If you preorder the game you get an exclusive piece of armor. You also get a piece of armor that can be used in both Dragon age and Mass effect. On top of all that bioware has a five chapter flash game called dragon age journeys which you can use gain 3 exclusive items.

so anyone else hyed for this game?


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If it wasn't for all the other games coming out I would be. There are SO many great games releasing and they all have insane replay value so this is another one ive been watching forever that I will be passing up on for awhile. Shame, cause I love Knights of the Old Repulic, Bioware did a great job on it.

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As a fan of other Bioware games such as Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR among others, I do plan on getting this at some point, though not right at release.


I was going to, but these people that posted above me are right. Too many good games I'm wanting right now and this one is batting 9th in the lineup. (Go Phillies)



I'm really liking the looks of this game. I was hoping preorders would be part of the "buy 2 get 1 free" deal going on at Best Buy right now, but sadly they were not.



I've waited 1 year and 3 months for this game to come out. The graphics look AMAZING, combat system seems fun, probably has around 80 hours of game-play! I LOVE RPGs!

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