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Topic: Arc System Works pulling out of NA?

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I was just wondering if Arc System Works was pulling out of the North American market?

They have released a bunch of (at least 20) eShop games in Japan, but only 3 of them have arrived in NA.

Furthermore, their last one VectorRacing arrived all the way back in summer 2012, and their North American website went offline shortly after, in September of 2012 (Their JPN & EU sites are still up, though).

Aksys publishes their larger series (Guilty Gear & Blazblue) in the US, so those shouldn't be going anywhere, though.

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I always thought Aksys was pretty much the NA equivalent to Arc System Works.

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Nope. Aksys is a seperate company from Arc System Works, they just have a close relationship (sort of). Anyways, chances are their games haven't been doing well, especially over here, so I can't see them investing a lot of money bringing their games overseas.

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