Topic: Any Digimon fans here who wanna be Swapnote buddies?

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Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I didn't want to post in the 3DS Friend Codes thread because I'm looking for specific people to add. I don't even know if this is the right section to post in. Please move it if I am right, mods.


I know this is a Nintendo-centric website and therefore a Pokémon lovers paradise, but I've always loved Digimon more. I drew a bunch of Digi fanart on Swapnote and thought of sharing my (crap) art with other Digimon fans. I'd like to see other people's fanart as well, if you made any.

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If you'd like to start a general Digimon-related thread to talk about the series, share images, etc. and so forth, that would be fine (be sure to put it in the appropriate section of the forums), and feel free to also put a note into your signature to have Digimon fans add your 3DS FC for Swapnote purposes. However, if all you're attempting to do is have fans of a specific thing add you to their 3DS, please make your request in the existing 3DS FC thread — it looks like you know where it is. Thank you! :3

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