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Me and my sister's birthdays are coming up in a little under two weeks, and we both want Animal Crossing: New Horizons (we both have separate switches). Problem is, I don't know how we can each play the game on separate consoles. I know that the same user can't play a game on one console and another console at the same time, so using one account wouldn't work. I also know that you can play a digital game that another user purchased on that console, but not the other one. And a physical copy wouldn't work because we can't play the same game at the same time. The only option I can think of is registering the digital game on one console, switching consoles so my sister can use her account to play the game on my switch, and I can use mine to play on hers since she can't play a digital game that I downloaded on her console. Is there a better and less convoluted way besides spending $120?



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Of you both want to play AC at the same time you should just pay for 2 copies, otherwise you're going to be frustrated.

And you're not paying $120 extra, only $60.

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@gcunit Thanks! I know that's not the best price-wise, but it avoids a lot of the hassle.


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@watdahecc like gcunit said, if you both want to play AC at the same time, you have to buy two copies, one for each console.

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